"A beautifully written and performed plea for understanding... the tale recalls the social realism of John Cassavetes with long takes in which silence and the faces of those in emotional pain are as potent as words... Wang's meticulously modulated storytelling never flags and... will move many viewers with its dignity and restraint."

       Richard Kuipers, Variety

"A remarkably fresh and unpredictable drama...the film boasts more than a few memorable performances — by Elaine Bromka, Park Overall and Kelly McAndrew, among others — and one truly remarkable turn by the stage great Brian Murray, as a grandfatherly Southern lawyer with a voice as smooth and warm as a tumbler of bourbon, a role worthy of Will Rogers... Beautifully modulated and stylistically sui generis, IN THE FAMILY is also one of the most accomplished and undersold directorial debuts this year... One senses that [Wang] is rediscovering the rules of cinema on his own. This is a career to keep an eye on."

       Paul Brunick, The New York Times

"With an incisive understanding of character, believably naturalistic acting, and lengthy scenes that don't feel stretched out so much as given room to breathe... Wang evinces a keen awareness of the ways in which family members interact, grieve, and open their hearts to one another."

       Andrew Schenker, The Village Voice

"...it's so morally invigorating you might just feel the world tremble."

       Rob Humanick, Slant Magazine

"IN THE FAMILY is a singular work that kicks convention to the curb... a transcendent experience that, with each surprise of aesthetic daring, achieves uncommon dramatic heights... an unforgettable feat of unflinching filmmaking."

       Brian Hu, San Diego Asian Film Foundation

"One of the most mature and nuanced narratives this reviewer has seen in some time... IN THE FAMILY is the kind of film that creatively circumvents industrial machinations to restore faith in independent filmmaking."

       Michael Guillén, The Evening Class

"IN THE FAMILY is the kind of film I step out of and can't wait to tell people about... Completely confident in its storytelling, with restrained, realistic performances and unapologetic aesthetic choices, it's a compelling narrative with a lot of heart."

       Phil Yu, angryasianman.com

"Filled with life, humor and a tender understanding of human nature... miraculous by its very existence and will inspire a lot of conversations along the lines of 'who is this guy, and how on earth did he make this movie?' This film is a must-see, an eye-opening debut that deserves to be part of the current film conversation."

       Dave Boyle,  Hammer to Nail

"An American epic... By taking his time in telling this heartfelt tale of a custody battle in Tennessee that is further complicated by issues of homosexuality and race and family bloodlines, Wang has delivered a work of grand humanism that sits alongside a bona fide classic like 'To Kill A Mockingbird.'"

       Michael Tully, Hammer to Nail

"Its attention to domestic spaces and how we live and move within them, in fact, nearly makes it a Tennessean heir to the films of Yasujiro Ozu. While not part of the awards competition in Hawaii, IN THE FAMILY still takes the prize as the festival’s strongest film, and the most surprising and astounding DIY American narrative of the year."

       Jason Sanders, Filmmaker Magazine

"One of the most riveting experiences of the year. The running time of nearly three hours is absolutely essential. This movie is REAL. It plays real. It is a terrific cinematic experience that I hope more people get to see."

       Jason Whyte, eFilmCritic.com

"A heart wrenching film that shouldn't be missed. And the film's conclusion? Emotionally brilliant."

       Scott Eriksson, asiansonfilm.com

"IN THE FAMILY is a true tour-de-force, and a testament to the spirit of good, solid independent filmmaking."

       Timothy Tau, Hyphen Magazine

"This year saw the release of many impressive debut films, but they all feel weightless compared to Patrick Wang's ambitious, compassionate, and devastating three-hour masterpiece... in Wang we have found a major talent, a chronicler of complex emotional collisions and reflections who expresses himself profoundly without resorting to theatrics."

       Glenn Heath Jr., Slant - 25 Best Films of 2011

"An honest, subtle, and very human story about the dense, bewildering terrain of family, grief, and forgiveness. In an era where glibness is king, IN THE FAMILY was a quiet revolution, and the work of a remarkably talented director."

       Susanna Locascio, Tiny Mix Tapes

"It defies visual and narrative conventions. Expertly pulling in (when a 30-min deposition scene dares you not to be sucked in) and pulling away (when the reaction is more powerful than the triggering incident), Wang understands what the viewer needs, even if it's nothing we've ever seen before."

       Asia Pacific Arts

"'When the person sitting across the table is no longer an adversary, a lot more is possible.' The demonstration of this brings to the fore all of Wang's skill. The scene is quiet, filled with verbiage... and minute behavior, and it is utterly riveting. No one raises a voice but the viewer's emotions are made very nearly palpable."

       James van Maanen, TrustMovies

"A compelling tale about redefining family... Wang's film challenges a lot of the formula that often comes with gay drama... what Wang realizes is that his themes are stronger when we care about the characters and the story first."

       Beth Accomando, KPBS